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What is One Page Zen?

One Page Zen is a free resource designed to help web developers of all skill levels gain the skills required to host their websites and applications in the cloud. Founded in 2017, One Page Zen continues to grow and expand on it’s library of always-free, easy-to-follow tutorials! If you’re just getting started in the cloud, be sure to check out our library of tutorials for Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

Is the cloud right for you?

Deciding whether or not to host your website in the cloud is a big decision. Although running your applications in the cloud comes with many benefits, it also requires a certain dedication to learning new technical skills. Below are the top three reasons for moving to the cloud:

  1. Better Value
    Cloud platforms offer pay-as-you-go billing, which means that you are billed only for the resources that your website uses (on a per-minute, or per-hour basis).

  2. Unlimited Scalability
    As your website grows, so too will the resources it requires to run. The cloud offers the ability to scale your website’s resources up or down within a matter of seconds.

  3. Advanced Infrastructure
    Think about it – you’re running your website on the same infrastructure that that powers some of the world’s largest tech companies (Google, Amazon, Microsoft). Google’s network, for example, includes over 93+ locations (see image below).

  4. google cloud network

How to get started?

At One Page Zen, we believe a great way to learn cloud computing is by deploying simple applications to the cloud. For this reason, we’ve created free guides showing you how to deploy WordPress to your favorite cloud provider:

Want to look around? Check out our popular GCP, AWS, and Azure tutorials!

How to join One Page Zen?

Any Questions?

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